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xkcd Web Comic

I recently stumbled across the web comic xkcd after a random post on today.  I immediately got sucked in and found some favorites:

Listen to yourself

Harrison Ford's Worst Improvised Movie Lines

x Girls y Cups (what happens in a "1 girls, 7 cups" video???)

Scantron (We've all wondered what would happen…)

East vs. West


Flow Chart Explanation… in a Flow Chart

I Know You're Listening

Guide to Converting to Metric

I'm An Idiot

Great Tool for Bloggers, Emailers and People Building Pages on

After a frustrating day trying to get looooooong MapQuest URLs to work in’s web page builder interface, I discovered a great free service called TinyURL that shortens ridiculously long URLs.  If you you’ve ever tried to figure out how to email a really long URL without it getting cut off, this is your solution.

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

It made the difference in being able to create the page I really wanted to have, with all the information needed for our guests.   As I said, I can see TinyURL being great for emailing and blogging as well.

Yes, I Continue To Suck

Really, I swear I’ll start writing again more often.  In the meantime, I just threw up a new logo on the front page here… courtesy of my friends at Rinck Advertising.  It will be subject to change in the coming weeks since they are working on some other ideas, but I wanted to get something officious-looking up.

Plus this was a nice easy cheater post….

One thing that I will say before I let you go: am I alone in thinking that the new TV ads for Red Roof Inn are HORRENDEOUS?!?!  I had a fairly neutral view of Red Roof Inns before, but now I would turn down a free trip around the world if I had to stay in their hotels.  The production quality is frightening, the writing abysmal, and the room looks… it looks… well… it looks like the type of room where you either a) bring a cheap hooker or b) commit suicide. 

What Happened Here?

If you happen to visit this blog on a regular basis, you just arrived here to a rather dramatic redesign, both graphically AND the title of this blog. 

Call it a rebirth.

I was kinda bored with my old name of "A Mad Man’s Rambling on Marketing and Music" since I talked about far more than marketing and music, including only the rare excursion into a blog post purely about marketing.   Instead, I write about music, movies, books, television, and all sorts of food and drink.  The things critical to modern popular culture.

Not a lot else will change contest-wise – I will still offer reviews of concerts, albums, and movies, as well as observations from my own life.  However, the re-naming of the blog will hopefully provide me with a better focus and give me more inspiration to post more frequently.

MY 100TH POST!!!

And to celebrate… I’m gonna cheat and just give everyone another web site to look at.  LOL.  It took me just over a year to get a 100 posts done, which isn’t bad I guess – that averages out to just about two a week, which is way better than I thought I was doing…  Thanks to everyone who has read the blog and commented, blah blah blah.

Anyway – here’s the web site I wanted to share: College Personalities. I share it with you for three reasons: 1) Its funny 2) its all two true and 3) I find the curse words they decide to censor very funny.  The s-word and f-word both have letters replaced by asterisks, but further on, the c-word (which appears to the king of all naughty words now that the f-bomb is more commonplace) appears oh so nonchalantly.  (oh, and the prudes out there have been warned)

A friend of a friend of a friend…

This intro will take a little bit, so if you want, you can just skip to the obvious link below….

So around two years ago (told you it would take a while) my friend Allen sends me a message saying that I should talk with his friend Karen.  We start chatting online and quickly realize that we had similar weird senses of humor.  A lot of stuff about pirates, if I remember correctly.   That, and we both have excellent taste in music.

ANYWAY – Karen and I have chatted regularly and become friends, though we’ve never met.  She is my first online-only friend (well, except for "Natasha" from Russia, but she charges $2.99 a minute to watch her be my friend through a web cam), though that will change in the coming months.  Karen is getting married and I’ve been invited to the wedding! (She and her fiancĂ© have a blog chronicling the planning of their wedding.  Don’t worry, its not nearly as boring as it sounds.)

Anyway – while looking at it this morning after Karen sent out a disgustingly blatantly self-promotional email, I followed the link to the blog of her maid of honor, and ended up spending much more time than I meant to reading it.   Not unlike this string of useless commentary that I cobble together from time to time, it is a rambling assortment of random observations, but it made me laugh, especially this post.  I had to share it with all of you (god, I hope it doesn’t crash the servers. *cough*).


Here’s that link for you bastards who cheated and didn’t read the above: