MY 100TH POST!!!

And to celebrate… I’m gonna cheat and just give everyone another web site to look at.  LOL.  It took me just over a year to get a 100 posts done, which isn’t bad I guess – that averages out to just about two a week, which is way better than I thought I was doing…  Thanks to everyone who has read the blog and commented, blah blah blah.

Anyway – here’s the web site I wanted to share: College Personalities. I share it with you for three reasons: 1) Its funny 2) its all two true and 3) I find the curse words they decide to censor very funny.  The s-word and f-word both have letters replaced by asterisks, but further on, the c-word (which appears to the king of all naughty words now that the f-bomb is more commonplace) appears oh so nonchalantly.  (oh, and the prudes out there have been warned)

3 thoughts on “MY 100TH POST!!!”

  1. FINALLY another blog! Oh, and Happy 100th Post… Should I send flowers or something? 😉

    At any rate, that website is so true… almost frightening… but pray tell, which category did you fall into? 🙂

  2. Me? Hmm… I was a combination of “Junior VP,” “Best Friend That Never Gets Laid” (sadly), and “‘You Gotta Watch The Quiet Ones’ People.”

    (I think I got my quotation marks all right on that)

    And yourself?

  3. You are quite the combination 🙂

    I’m a bit of the “Over Achiever” and “Miss Spirit”… except I was a cheerleader. Go figure 🙂

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