xkcd Web Comic

I recently stumbled across the web comic xkcd after a random post on Woot.com today.  I immediately got sucked in and found some favorites:

Listen to yourself

Harrison Ford's Worst Improvised Movie Lines

x Girls y Cups (what happens in a "1 girls, 7 cups" video???)

Scantron (We've all wondered what would happen…)

East vs. West


Flow Chart Explanation… in a Flow Chart

I Know You're Listening

Guide to Converting to Metric

I'm An Idiot

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  1. Some hilarious tips on the dweaicre website: Some TipsFor maximum security make sure you are alone and close the curtains. Write on a hard surface not on a pad of paper. After you memorize your passphrase, burn your notes, pulverize the ashes and flush them down the toilet.

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