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Hellooo out there

Holy Weblogs Batman!  I haven’t updated this in a LOOOOONG time.  If anyone has actually come here looking for something new and interesting, my bad.  been a wee bit busy!  In fact, looking back, it would appear that I stopped writing in here almost exactly one week after starting my new job back on August 1st.

Admittedly, there was another post that I started back during the first week of September, but I was sitting in a hotel room in Tampa writing it, and then something happened with the web browser and I lost the post.  Twice.  TypePad really needs to create some sort of auto-save or "drafts" folder system.

So let me start off with telling you about another blog that I recently came across that made me laugh out loud.  The Comics Curmudgeon is the perfect companion for those, like me, who find the comics often lacking and sometimes downright puzzling.  I’m as much of a fan of classic comics and animation as anyone, but man, there are some comics that need to go.  Marmaduke, Dennis the Menace, Heathcliff, and the god-awful Family Circus need to be retired.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  They all live in the 50’s unless they need to make a "joke" (I use the term loosely) about cell phones or the Internet.  Then suddenly there’s someone in a hoop skirt ordering their daily milk delivery over the Web or some shit like that.   


Something to chew on…

So now that I’m on, I figured I’d better start updating this thing more often, so I’ve made a promise to myself to try to update it with SOMETHING each day.  Figured it is also a quick and easy way to keep my writing skills honed.

Now onto something that I want to bitch about… I’m looking around at different people on MySpace, and I have two things to say. 

First of all, there’s some really weird/sketchy/scary people out there.  Man…  but I can deal with that – it takes all kinds to make the world go around, and as Michael Franti sings, "all the freaky people make the beauty in the world." ("Stay Human")

Secondly, I’m not sure if it is because there are a lot of "questionable" people on the site, or because everyone is lying about wanting to make friends, or if people are just flakes, but fer chrissake, if I  say that I think you’re interesting and think you’d be nice to get to know – have as a friend – then I freakin’ mean it.  If you’re a guy, it doesn’t mean I want to give it up your ass, and if you’re a woman, it doesn’t mean I’m trying to be lecherous.  I actually just might want to be friendly and be looking to find some interesting people to hang out with.  Give it a break and stop thinking so damn much of yourself already!!  If I send you a message, have the freakin’ courtesy to at least respond, even if to say F–k off!

Dragged Kicking and Screaming into 2005

Welcome to my first blog entry.  Basically giving it a test drive to see how it would work for my job, which happens to be marketing these products:  I know the web site needs help, but that’s why I’m there!

Special thanks to John Cass for being my "blog mentor," and as my first act of blogging repricocity, here’s a link to his blog:

In case there’s actually someone reading this, what can you expect here?  Hmm… some talk about marketing (my profession), music (my passion), cooking (my other passion) and probably some strange random thougths (my personality).