A friend of a friend of a friend…

This intro will take a little bit, so if you want, you can just skip to the obvious link below….

So around two years ago (told you it would take a while) my friend Allen sends me a message saying that I should talk with his friend Karen.  We start chatting online and quickly realize that we had similar weird senses of humor.  A lot of stuff about pirates, if I remember correctly.   That, and we both have excellent taste in music.

ANYWAY – Karen and I have chatted regularly and become friends, though we’ve never met.  She is my first online-only friend (well, except for "Natasha" from Russia, but she charges $2.99 a minute to watch her be my friend through a web cam), though that will change in the coming months.  Karen is getting married and I’ve been invited to the wedding! (She and her fiancĂ© have a blog chronicling the planning of their wedding.  Don’t worry, its not nearly as boring as it sounds.)

Anyway – while looking at it this morning after Karen sent out a disgustingly blatantly self-promotional email, I followed the link to the blog of her maid of honor, and ended up spending much more time than I meant to reading it.   Not unlike this string of useless commentary that I cobble together from time to time, it is a rambling assortment of random observations, but it made me laugh, especially this post.  I had to share it with all of you (god, I hope it doesn’t crash the servers. *cough*).


Here’s that link for you bastards who cheated and didn’t read the above: http://www.livejournal.com/users/jenza/

2 thoughts on “A friend of a friend of a friend…”

  1. “Don’t worry, its not nearly as boring as it sounds.”

    Well, I didn’t think it was boring at all, but I guess I’ll have to put some violence and knockers in it to make it all the way cool.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out – no one ever reads my blog! Karen forwarded me the link to your page, which I have added to my blog favorites list.

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