Yes, I Continue To Suck

Really, I swear I’ll start writing again more often.  In the meantime, I just threw up a new logo on the front page here… courtesy of my friends at Rinck Advertising.  It will be subject to change in the coming weeks since they are working on some other ideas, but I wanted to get something officious-looking up.

Plus this was a nice easy cheater post….

One thing that I will say before I let you go: am I alone in thinking that the new TV ads for Red Roof Inn are HORRENDEOUS?!?!  I had a fairly neutral view of Red Roof Inns before, but now I would turn down a free trip around the world if I had to stay in their hotels.  The production quality is frightening, the writing abysmal, and the room looks… it looks… well… it looks like the type of room where you either a) bring a cheap hooker or b) commit suicide.