Laughs Maniacally

Well, I did it.  I saw Aerosmith and had fan Club (AeroForce One) tickets for the first time.  It was my ninth time seeing the band, but the first time getting the fan club tickets.  It was worth the wait 🙂  We got there and they told us that our seats had basically gotten eliminated during the stage construction, so they moved us up to the area between the catwalks, 16 rows from the stage.  Andrea looked at me and asked if I was going to be alright.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to survive the night once I saw where we were sitting.

A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes, so here is a photo of how close to Steven Tyler I got:


and a picture of me in front of Steven:


This was the set list for the night:

01. Walk This Way

02. Same Old Song and Dance

03. Cryin’

04. Livin’ On The Edge

05. Angel

06. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)

07. Jaded

08. Shakin’ My Cage

09. Sweet Emotion

10. The Other Side

11. Janie’s Got A Gun

12. Rag Doll

13. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

14. Walkin’ The Dog

15. Dream On

16. No Nore No More

17. Love In An Elevator


18. Seasons Of Wither

19. Helter Skelter

Not a bad set list at all.  I LOVE Seasons of Wither, so that was cool to hear that live again.  However, the highilght by far was "No More No More" a long-time classic favorite of mine that I had never heard live.   Some people on the AeroForce One discussion boards complained about the set list and how there was too much "MTV era pop" on there.  Well, those songs are the songs from youth, so it’s fine by me.  Though I would still love to hear "Kings and Queens" live and I read on the boards that they did "Nobody’s Fault" on the Kiss/Aerosmith co-headlining tour.

It is kind of funny how much hatred hard-core Aerosmith fans have for the song "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing," the band’s only #1 hit… its a ballad not written by a band featured in sappy moment in a mediocre movie, so the old-timers and purists pretty well despise it and view it as their "beer run song."  I mean, I don’t care for it for all those same reasons – Aerosmith’s #1 single should be "Sweet Emotion" or "Walk This Way" not that ballad.  But that’s the way it is, and I’m just glad that the band can stay so vital that 30 years later they can release a song that hits #1 for the first time and then come out with a blues album (Honkin’ on Bobo) that is acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

In any case, hopefully I didn’t embarass my date for the show too much (Andrea’s damn lucky girl, eh?  She gets to hang out with me AND gets 16th row seats to her first Aerosmith show) – I was pretty much a complete wildman the entire concert – I warned her before that I may start to act like a 12 year old girl at a N’sync concert.  I don’t think she believed me until she actually saw it happen.  However, it looks like she is having a good time:

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