Who the Hell CARES!??!

I’m trying to think of something I could care less about than whether or not Paula Abdul had an affair during the filming of American Idol, and if she did, with whom did she commit the illicit act… but I’m having a really hard time coming up with something less important.

I think perhaps if there was a front page article about a cockroach getting stepped on in Sri Lanka I might be less concerned with that, but I think I might find it more compelling.

Good Knight! What won’t they think of next?

Thanks to some SPAM from Friendster,
a site I haven’t been to in over a year, I was reminded that it was my
friend Paul’s birthday this week.  So we chatted online tonight and
caught up on everything that has been going on.  He does some pretty
cool web programming and development work and he sent me this link: http://huzzahonline.com/knights/ Which is a game that he developed.  Well, it is more of a spectator sport… kind of a fantasy league but not based in any reality.  Yes, I know it is very geeky (but he is a web programmer, so what do you expect) but also very clever and well done, typical of Paul.  He’ll bury us all, that Paul!