New Beginnings – Starting to Look Back

On August 30th, 2009, I found myself driving north on Route
91 from Connecticut, heading towards Vermont.  I was about to start a new job the next day and all I had was a car full of clothes and a few basic things to get me trough
the week until I headed back home to Massachusetts to be with my wife for the


I had left her wife behind in Connecticut after attending an
event and we parted ways in New Haven after saying good bye to her sister who
attends University of New Haven.  She’ll
be glad that she gets a mention this early in this narrative.  She’s like that.  And if you know her, you’ll get exactly what
I mean.

Now, seven months later, my better half and I have been enjoying trying to figure out the only state that may be even quirkier than my home state of Rhode Island.  We've experienced quite a bit; just the weather could take up an entire book; snow on October 13th and April 10th and 80 degree weather in late March.  A snow storm in February that dropped about three feet of snow in our yard and resulted in lost power, which resulted in us eating cold pizza and waking up to a 50 degree house.  

Add to that wild turkeys, friendly people, curmudgeonly neighbors, and a game of beer pong in the snow outside on New Year's eve, you have the making of our first year – all six seasons (more on that later) – in Vermont.  There have been so many funny stories and interesting interactions with people and nature here in Vermont that I feel the need to capture it all.  While my motives are selfish, I hope to entertain some people while doing it

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