America The Littered

For this Independence Day, we returned to the Esplanade in Boston for the Boston Pops concert and fireworks.  We did it differently this year, showing up around noon and being content with being able to hear the concert by being near a speaker station and being right on the riverbank for a great view of the fireworks.

After a great day and a fantastic fireworks display (that was unfortunately clouded by a lack of wind that kept the smoke in the way of the fireworks), we turned around to see the field where we were and discovered that our fellow concert-goers had shown their love for their country by leaving their trash all around it.  Add not just cups and napkins, but towels, a deck of cards, pizza boxes, and bottles.  It was so disappointing to see all this trash ruining a beautiful city park on a the river after a day of celebrating our country.

It is beyond me that people can have such feelings of self-importance that they feel they can just leave their garbage on the ground for others to clean up after them.  I know that it was a lot of younger people that did this, since it was where those groups were that the biggest messes were left, and it is particularly disappointing since with all the issues in this country involving pollution and the environment seem to be having some sort of an impact on people, but then something as simple as picking up after yourself is too much for them.  

Scraping the UNDERSIDE of the Barrel

So here we are, a few months after the writers strike ended and summer TV is in full swing.  Summer television has never been renowned for its high-brow nature, but this year…. oy vey!   Here’s a few of my favorite deep digs from the networks:

These shows are so bad they aren’t even bad enough to be good.  The only good things: Swingtown and Mad Men. I’m a little late to the bandwagon on the last one, but trust me, it is worth hopping on ASAP!

Nostalgia Algorithm

Very interesting and funny article from Wired magazinethat talks about predicting the popularity of nostalgia entertainment.  I agree that while I’m excited for a new X-Files movie, I’m not quite sure if the timing is right – it hasn’t been quite long enough for me to truly yearn for another movie, and with Lost on the air, that is fulfilling the freaky sci-fi conspiracy show void.  After Lost finishes up would be a perfect time – people would be looking for a similar thing to fill that void, and looking to old DVDs of X-Files and Lost would be a great segue into a new X-Files movie.