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This Week In Pop Culture

I usually come across some interesting articles during the course of the week and thought I would share some of them with you:

Nostalgia speeds up with a 90’s "retro" club (NOW I feel old)

Google goes all DaVinci on us

I’m sure the people who invented broadband Internet are happy this is what it enabled

Drive-Ins are apparently making a comeback but they don’t even mention the whole making out part.  WTF? (Everybody start singing "Night Moves" by Bob Seger!)

The omnipresent iPod – is it just me, or is it starting to feel a little like their own 1984 commercial?  I’m waiting for another manufacturer to pick that up and make fun of it.  I still want one tho.

Great. New words and meanings to learn.  Another way for us to have no idea what the kids are talking about.

Wal-ocaust? What are some people thinking?

Here’s an article that uses the phrase "If you’re throwing (a melted synthetic material) on top of a burn, basically you have a bad burn with a bunch of plastic melting into your skin."  So no more Nike shirts for the Marines!

My favorite part of this article on "Hip Hop Literature" is when it is referred to as "possible literature."  You gotta admire honesty like that.  But I agree with the last sentiment – getting kids to read can’t be all bad.

Sweet ride.  I’ll have to get one the next time I rent a car on a business trip!

A cuddly yet fast animal vs. the world’s slowest game with bad clothes? They are both stupid names, but I’d rather drive a car called rabbit than golf

Last but not least…  the only good thing about this is that maybe this will mask the smell of nachos and baked frozen pizza in the theaters.

Its Hard Out there For A… I’m sorry I can’t do it…

Welcome to what I believe is the first annoyingly overused phrase of 2006… "It’s hard out there for a pimp" which rose to national prominence after Jon Stewart made a joke about the song by the same title during the Oscars. 

In case you missed it, "It’s Hard Out There For a Pimp" by Three 6 Mafia won for best song from a movie, as it was featured in Hustle & Flow.  After they won, host Stewart said "I think it just got a little easier out there for a pimp" and then later made a joke about "For those keeping track… Oscars won by Martin Scorsese – zero.  Oscars won by Three 6 Mafia – one."

Now that it was broadcast on the Oscars and Jon Stewart made jokes about it, the phrase has entered the American lexicon and is apparently fair game by satirists everywhere, as seen here.  It is just a matter of time before Katie Couric attempts to use it in some sad manner (like she did with "That’s just the way I roll" a few months ago) and it is beaten to death by every radio DJ and several Saturday Night Live sketches. 

Just a fair warning people.


I’m not a doctor, so I couldn’t save a life today

I’m not a policeman, so I couldn’t bring peace and safety to my hometown.

I’m not a teacher, so I couldn’t help children find their way.

And I’m not a fireman, so I couldn’t save someone’s home and memories.

I’m just an ordinary American who did something extraordinarly important.

I voted. 

Hope you did too.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Hee hee huh huh… this is categorized "current affairs"

Anyway – for those of you who didn’t hear, two Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders were allegedly caught having sex in a bar’s bathroom in Tampa, Florida.

I’m been to Tampa twice… but apparently not to the right places.  (though I did enjoy the company of several fine women at the rate of $20 for two songs…) 

Please join me in wishing, hoping and praying that this story is true.  It gives hope to mankind, it really does. 

You can read about it and see pictures of the girls that you can insert into you own fantasies at these sites:


Juicee News Daily

Who the Hell CARES!??!

I’m trying to think of something I could care less about than whether or not Paula Abdul had an affair during the filming of American Idol, and if she did, with whom did she commit the illicit act… but I’m having a really hard time coming up with something less important.

I think perhaps if there was a front page article about a cockroach getting stepped on in Sri Lanka I might be less concerned with that, but I think I might find it more compelling.


Not sure what else to say, other than that Jeffery Jacober, President of the company I work for was killed in a plane crash today.

On a religious holiday such as today, it makes me wonder: whatever power may be ruling this crazy universe of ours, just how does he/she/it/they let these things happen to such good, generous people, especially people who seemed to have been through enough already.  Or is that part of the plan.