Its Hard Out there For A… I’m sorry I can’t do it…

Welcome to what I believe is the first annoyingly overused phrase of 2006… "It’s hard out there for a pimp" which rose to national prominence after Jon Stewart made a joke about the song by the same title during the Oscars. 

In case you missed it, "It’s Hard Out There For a Pimp" by Three 6 Mafia won for best song from a movie, as it was featured in Hustle & Flow.  After they won, host Stewart said "I think it just got a little easier out there for a pimp" and then later made a joke about "For those keeping track… Oscars won by Martin Scorsese – zero.  Oscars won by Three 6 Mafia – one."

Now that it was broadcast on the Oscars and Jon Stewart made jokes about it, the phrase has entered the American lexicon and is apparently fair game by satirists everywhere, as seen here.  It is just a matter of time before Katie Couric attempts to use it in some sad manner (like she did with "That’s just the way I roll" a few months ago) and it is beaten to death by every radio DJ and several Saturday Night Live sketches. 

Just a fair warning people.