This Week In Pop Culture

I usually come across some interesting articles during the course of the week and thought I would share some of them with you:

Nostalgia speeds up with a 90’s "retro" club (NOW I feel old)

Google goes all DaVinci on us

I’m sure the people who invented broadband Internet are happy this is what it enabled

Drive-Ins are apparently making a comeback but they don’t even mention the whole making out part.  WTF? (Everybody start singing "Night Moves" by Bob Seger!)

The omnipresent iPod – is it just me, or is it starting to feel a little like their own 1984 commercial?  I’m waiting for another manufacturer to pick that up and make fun of it.  I still want one tho.

Great. New words and meanings to learn.  Another way for us to have no idea what the kids are talking about.

Wal-ocaust? What are some people thinking?

Here’s an article that uses the phrase "If you’re throwing (a melted synthetic material) on top of a burn, basically you have a bad burn with a bunch of plastic melting into your skin."  So no more Nike shirts for the Marines!

My favorite part of this article on "Hip Hop Literature" is when it is referred to as "possible literature."  You gotta admire honesty like that.  But I agree with the last sentiment – getting kids to read can’t be all bad.

Sweet ride.  I’ll have to get one the next time I rent a car on a business trip!

A cuddly yet fast animal vs. the world’s slowest game with bad clothes? They are both stupid names, but I’d rather drive a car called rabbit than golf

Last but not least…  the only good thing about this is that maybe this will mask the smell of nachos and baked frozen pizza in the theaters.