Let’s Hear It For Number One!

Just flipping through New Products Magazine at work when I came across an article about appetizer trends in restaurants.  Like a lot of categories, the appetizer portion of the menu is getting more varied and exotic, with egg rolls getting filled with beans and chipotles, Asian-style lettuce wraps showing up in strongly American chains, and specialties like quesadillas and bruschetta becoming more common. 

However, in the middle of the article is a chart from Mintel Menu Insights 2007 ranking the Top 15 Appetizers, ranked by the number of menu items that appear on chain restaurant menus in the second quarter of 2007.  At the top, with 122 menu items…  Buffalo Wings!   It has a pretty good lead over the second place item, which is an "appetizer sampler" with 100 menu items and a very good lead over the #3 spot, mozzarella sticks.  The hot n’ saucy contingency makes another appearance at #15, with boneless buffalo wings with 24 menu items.

Keep on keepin’ it hot! 

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