How To Get Pine Sap Off Your Hands

I know this has NOTHING to do with pop culture other than the fact that it is the Christmas season and people are putting up Christmas trees, but I wanted to share with everyone a great little tip. 

If you get pine sap on your hands – or your clothes or car for that matter – the best way to remove pine sap is with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  You can do a search on-line and find recommendations for olive oil, peanut butter and nail polish remover, but I have found that hand sanitizer works fast, won’t hurt your hands, and it sanitizes them at the same time as a bonus!   It is basically the same principle as removing it with rubbing alcohol, just easier to handle.

I’ve even used it to get pine sap off of my car as well.  I don’t know what alcohol does to a car finish, so I use it sparingly and wax it right away after using it.