Just Call Me Mr. Lugnut

I should have written this a long time ago.  I’ve already posted a review on Amazon.com a while ago.  I’ve been telling everyone about the game for well over a year now. 

Quelf came into our lives through a little bit of marketing when a magnet and sample card was included in an Amazon.com order that was shipped to my house.  I actually had already thrown it away when I said "wait, did that say ‘Ninja Monkey’ on there?" and took it back out of the trash.  Checking out the game on Amazon.com, it seemed perfect for my girlfriend’s family who loves board games, and in particular, Cranium.  Right from the first time we played the game, it was the craziest, funniest thing I have ever seen.   At that point I was just starting to become a true regular with Meghan’s family, but I quickly found myself trying to build a snorkel out of household items, and had to wear it the whole game.  Other people were sitting on their hands and saying strange things.

The next time I wound up with the box stuck up my shirt for most of the game.  Other things that have happened have included someone having to keep their elbow on the game board the entire game, rolling over and wailing like they were dying every time someone rolled a five and someone else having to rub her knees and say "there’s a storm a-comin’" every time someone moved backwards. 

You get the idea – this isn’t for the shy, but even if you are, you shouldn’t be worried: everyone will be acting like a fool, so you’ll fit right in.

We’re not alone in our love for the game.  A quick search on YouTube quickly reveals several results including some of people completing the cards like this and this