15 Years is a Long Time With Just One Girl

In case you have been living under a rock (or simply watch ABC or CBS), today was the last day for Katie Couric on the Today show after 15 years of being co-anchor.  Those closest to me know that I harbor a bit of a crush on Katie, particularly her legs… but that’s not what I’m writing about. 

It isn’t something that I thought about before today, but it is amazing how we can build an emotional bond with someone over the airwaves – I’ve been watching the Today show since I was a kid when my mom watched it, which means that I’ve woke up to Katie Couric for literally half my life.  She’s told me about two wars in Iraq, 9/11, Columbine, the L.A. Riots, hurricane Katrina, and Oklahoma City.  I watched her the morning after I cast my first vote in a Presidential Election and during countless snowy mornings after classes were canceled or after coming in from shoveling a foot of snow.

So what that means is that I’m sitting here watching this silly morning show that I actually taped and trying not to cry since the most distinct memories of the world so far in my life are inextricably linked to Katie.  I never really thought of it that way before – all I thought about Katie was that she and Matt were always there and if she wore a skirt it was a good way to start the day… now I’m actually going to miss her in the mornings!

Good luck Katie!  Turns out I’ll miss you a little more than I thought.

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