I don’t believe this happened

So I thought that Saturday night’s Aerosmith show was as much of a perfect set list as they could play on this tour.   However, check out the show that they played in Providence tonight:

01. Helter Skelter
02. Walk This Way
03. Same Old Song and Dance
04. Cryin’
05. Livin’ On The Edge
06. No More No More
07. Jaded
08. Shakin’ My Cage
09. Sweet Emotion
10. Seasons Of Wither
11. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
12. Dream On
13. Lord Of The Thighs
14. Kings And Queens
15. Baby Please Don’t Go
16. Train Kept A Rollin’ (Slow)
17. Back In The Saddle
18. Draw The Line

That makes me sick.   They played Kings and Queens.  Granted, it is only one song different, but what a song to have in there.  That is my last favorite Aerosmith song that I would love to hear played live but haven’t yet.  I feel like I want to cry – they played it two night after I saw them, and they were only 15 miles away.

I almost went down there tonight to try to get a shirt, since I’ve missed getting one the last two shows.  I didn’t go since when I called the Dunkin Donuts center they said they didn’t have a stand set up in the lobby area where you don’t need a ticket to get in.  And I figured I would probably end up buying a ticket and spending the night there, and I’ve spent enough time and money on Aerosmith the last two weeks. 

Shoulda went…