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Help in setting your barometer

For christmas I got one of those neat atomic clock weather station thingies that not only uses the atomic clock to keep accurate time (not that it can get a signal at my house…) but also has a seperate display to show the humidity, weather predicitions and the barometric pressure.

However, in order to set the barometer correctly, you have to tell it how high above sea level you are.  Maybe I’m alone in this, but I had NO CLUE what the answer was to that!  I mean, really – I live far enough inland that I don’t worry about flooding (yes, Rhode Island is big enough) and never had to worry about it.

I discovered this neat site: that will help you figure it out.  Go there, choose "Heigh ASL" (Above Sea Level) and use the map to find where you live.  One tip: you have to double click to move where the view is.  Took me a try to two figure it out.

Hopefully this helps anyone wondering how to set THEIR barometer.

(Oh, btw, my house is 242 feet above sea level.  So if you ever read in this blog that my house is underwater, you probably should be moving to higher ground, quickly)

Good Knight! What won’t they think of next?

Thanks to some SPAM from Friendster,
a site I haven’t been to in over a year, I was reminded that it was my
friend Paul’s birthday this week.  So we chatted online tonight and
caught up on everything that has been going on.  He does some pretty
cool web programming and development work and he sent me this link: Which is a game that he developed.  Well, it is more of a spectator sport… kind of a fantasy league but not based in any reality.  Yes, I know it is very geeky (but he is a web programmer, so what do you expect) but also very clever and well done, typical of Paul.  He’ll bury us all, that Paul!

Whaddya Know!!

So a few posts ago I said that I had gotten onto the whole thing and complained about how it was yet ANOTHER place for me to worry about keeping up with people.  I signed up for it, and just kinda forgot it for almost two weeks… I checked it out last night and I had a bunch of people send me messages saying that they liked my profile, thought I sounded cool, wanted to get to know me, thought I was cute, whatever… pretty cool stuff. 

I’ll be sure to let you know what happens!

More of me online!

So now I’m on, to be found at:

Are there really that many people who give a shit about me and who I am?  Are there that many people out there with that much free time on their hands that they can cruise through online profiles all the time?   Christ, I can barely keep up with my "real world" friends and business connections, never mind all the online stuff.  I can be found on my own web site, here on this blog, on,,, and now   No one, including myself, needs to know this much about me… 

Virulent Support

So I have been having issues with my email today and I finally called the tech support line of my web hosting company, 1&1 internet.  At first they were insisting that it was an issue on my end, which I knew it wasn’t.  But in the process, they asked me to turn off my firewall protection and virus protection.   Umm…..

Ever notice that turning off those two things are the first two things that tech support says to do?  Or that those are the first things that are blamed for a lot of technical glitches?

HOWEVER… they are also among the very first things that they say you should set up on your computer.

I shoulda bought a Mac.