Help in setting your barometer

For christmas I got one of those neat atomic clock weather station thingies that not only uses the atomic clock to keep accurate time (not that it can get a signal at my house…) but also has a seperate display to show the humidity, weather predicitions and the barometric pressure.

However, in order to set the barometer correctly, you have to tell it how high above sea level you are.  Maybe I’m alone in this, but I had NO CLUE what the answer was to that!  I mean, really – I live far enough inland that I don’t worry about flooding (yes, Rhode Island is big enough) and never had to worry about it.

I discovered this neat site: that will help you figure it out.  Go there, choose "Heigh ASL" (Above Sea Level) and use the map to find where you live.  One tip: you have to double click to move where the view is.  Took me a try to two figure it out.

Hopefully this helps anyone wondering how to set THEIR barometer.

(Oh, btw, my house is 242 feet above sea level.  So if you ever read in this blog that my house is underwater, you probably should be moving to higher ground, quickly)

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