Myachi – Yes, it is a Reference to Mr. Myagi

Just heard about "Myachi" a new hand game that is catching on rapidly.  This is one of those crazy things that crops up once in a while that kids latch onto and could quickly become a national obsession.  Past examples: hacky sack, Koosh balls, wall crawlers…  those are just the ones I think of from my childhood. 

The official web site is here, but it really doesn't explain the concept very well.  For a better view of what it is all about, do a search for Myachi on YouTube.  With only 678 videos as of this writing, it still is a young phenomenon (compare that to a search for "Diet Coke and Mentos" which brings up over 7,000 videos). 

It looks cool.  Looks like they are making a ton of money off of it as well – all that a Myachi bag consists of is a small 3-inch rectangular bean bag.  By the time Christmas rolls around, there should be a national shortage of them, schools will be banning them and parents will be standing in line at Toys R Us at seven in the morning to get their hands on the latest shipment. 

Oh, and the name?  A combination of "Mr Myagi" from the Karate Kid and Tai Chi.  And yes, the whole thing was originally conceived of as a drinking game.  Further proof that I should drink more often and write down my ideas while doing so.

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