For Barbecue Wonks Everywhere

Its not secret that I'm a barbecue nut, and while I'm not exactly at the cutting literary edge with this book review, I figured it was worth mentioning in hopes of exposing it to a few new pople who might be interested in it.  Cornbread Nation 2: The United States of Barbecue is one in a serious of books that collects essays, poems and short stories about Southern Cooking, and in this specific case, all about barbecue.

In reality, most of hte book is abou tbarbecue – there is about 1/4 of the book that is about Southern food in general, including everything from ice cream trucks in the Virignia area, to the history of Ruth Chris' Steakhouse to geophagists - people who eat dirt.   It is all very interesting though, especially for a foodie who loves Southern food and is all well written.