Cool Web Sites

Want to share a couple of web sites that I’ve recently found and thought are interesting enough to share: – A great foodie site, in a traditional portal format, with links to lots of other great food and drink-related sites and articles

First I heard about True Mom Confessions which led to True Office Confessions and True Bride Confessions and True Green Confessions. The blog roll on the front page makes for quick, easy, and addictive entertainment on all of them.

My bride-to-be and I are starting to think about cleaning up and cleaning out our old stuff, trying to sell off whatever we can, and any old electronics are probably going to be sold via Second Rotation.

And last but not least, to satisfy your inner paranoid freak in all of us, visit 72 Hours which helps you with planning for an unexpected disaster.  Of course, if you’re planning for it, is really unexpected, and wouldn’t it be better to have all the information in hard copy format, since if a disaster is really hitting, chances are you won’t be able to get online to view the site…  The site is actually San Fransisco-focused, but the information is good for anyone.