The Ignored Social Issue

We hear plenty of talk about various social problems in our world: homlessness, hunger, drug abuse, child and spousal abuse, road rage, lack of etiquette, poor reading scores, AIDS, etc.  However, there is one issue that only this blog and this blog alone is willing to tackle.

I’ve written about this before, but now it has started to spread: violence at classical music concerts.  This week, the Boston Pops had to stop their show because of a fight in the balcony.  What can we do to stop this senseless violence?!?!? 

Brahms not bombs!  Handel and Hayden not shivs and brass knuckles!

Is this what happens when you have people raised on aggressive heavy metal and rap music start to attend classical concerts?  They may need to ban the cannons from the 1812 Overture and start doing pat-downs on the way in.  And what happens when the mosh pits start to Holst?

Please, stop the violence before it gets out of control!