New Ways To Track Your Favorite Bands

I’ve raved about TourFilter before, and now here comes two sites that helps to automate the process based on your iTunes library.  The first is SonicLiving, which take a more manual and web-based approach, where it automatically detects which artists are in your iTunes libraries and you can choose who you want to include. 

The other, slightly easier one to use is iConcertCal, which works as a plug-in to iTunes and creates a visualizer that isn’t a trippy visualizer at all, but a calendar with all your artists on it.

They are both better than Ticketmaster, which continually lets some of my favorite artists slip by while taking great pains to tell me about every Sesame Street on Ice that comes around…

One thought on “New Ways To Track Your Favorite Bands”

  1. These pieces reedmind me of your work, James. Thanks for the kind words. And thanks to you, Chris, for pointing out the hack. Probably been there for months. I hadn’t upgraded WordPress for a couple versions. Doubt what I just did will fix it for good, but I think the hidden ads are gone. Seriously, though, are there THAT many people buying black-market v1@gr@? Strange.

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