Quick Shots

This may be a beer for dogs, but I’m kind of intriuged by the idea of meat extract in beer.

Chinese teenagers are getting addicted to the Internet.  Now we know who’s watching all those YouTube clips!

Something I never thought of: women paying cash in order to avoid arguments over money with their husbands. 

I joined in with the drooling over the iPhone a few weeks ago, but now reading more about the introduction and some of the specs, I may take some of it back.

Who knew?  Ugly is "in."   Best line in the article: "Vegetables shouldn’t be judged by looks."  I didn’t know that vegetables were discriminated against because of their looks.   Go hug a stubby piece of celery or a crooked carrot and make it feel better.

Speaking of ugliness up close and personal.  Here’s something to ponder: what happens when porn stars go high-definition?  Apparently you see cellulite, wrinkles and – yipes – razor burn.  Talk about ruining the fantasy!

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