News Updates

A couple of quick shots for everyone this morning…  first of all, the whole Mentos/Diet Coke thing continues to get out of control.  This time it is an article in Business Week magazine.

Secondly, I would love to fly Virgin Airlines sometime and I hope that the politics and BS that is preventing them from flying in the U.S. will be resolved soon.

Speaking of Virgin, I think that seeing the earth from outer space would be the absolute coolest thing to do ever.

Perhaps by the time they allow people to go into space, marketers will figure out how to put a giant ad in the oceans or form the clouds into an ad.

Two articles that are inadvertently related:  the first one, about the death of design and how everything in our world has become over-designed.  Then one about the new "street furniture" that NYC is going to be installing over the next few years to help tie the city together better design-wise.