On The Road

The Pop Culture Gangster has been conspicuously absent, as you may have noticed.  I suppose saying "sorry" won’t help, will it?  It really isn’t my fault, I swear.  I haven’t traveled on business since the beginning of May, but starting on July 17th I began a four-week marathon of business travel that is finally wrapping up tomorrow.  In fact, I write this while sitting in a hotel room in Birmingham, Alabama.  I also did some travel for fun, basically resulting in me emptying and refilling my suitcase way too many times.

By the time I get back to Providence, RI tomorrow night, I will have been on 11 different planes, traveled to or through 9 different airports, stayed in  6 different hotel rooms, and driven four rental cars.  Add into that some personal trips the last two weekends and since my last post on July 13th, I have slept in 10 different beds in 8 different states.

If I add in this coming weekend’s trip to New Hampshire and go all the way back to July 1st, and go through August 13th, it would be:

  • 11 planes
  • 9 aiprorts
  • 8 hotel rooms
  • 4 rental cars
  • 12 beds
  • 9 states I’ve slept in….
  • 11 states I’ve traveled to or through
  • 3 different time zones.

So please forgive me for not keeping up with this blog.  I’ve been a tad busy…