What’s Goin’ On

A few things that have caught my attention in the last week:

First of all, thank you Fox network, THANK YOU!  I just saw an updated fall schedule in Entertainment Weekly, and they are moving American Dad in between the Simpsons and Family Guy, putting the idiotic and terrible "War At Home" show at 9:30 after the animated series.  I’m not a huge fan of American Dad in comparison to The Simpsons and Family Guy, but I’ll take it over War At Home and I think it is a good show to put between them.  Kind of a palette cleanser.

Also in exciting TV news, Pee-Wee is back!  And not in a porn theater!  I need to start watching Adult Swim more often.  I hope they get their own network soon.

Equality has gotten the better of some of those who  fought the hardest to achieve it: there might be no more "ladies nights" in Europe!

Get drunk, save a leopard.

The link with the video is blocked at work, but I can’t wait to watch it, and I just thought it was interesting that viral video is spreading across all cultures.

How much longer until $20 bills have "Just Do It" on them now that companies can put their logo on postage stamps?

Disney has started to put their characters on fruit.  I think that’s a great way to get kids to eat healthier – fruit needs something to combat the cute mascots of the junk food industry.

However, Disney is also going to start selling "Old Yeller" dog food.  Old Yeller DIED in the movie.  Who would feed their dog food named after a dog who DIED? 

At the other end of the spectrum, McDonalds is selling a special burger for the World Cup that is 40% bigger than the Big Mac and weighs in at 669 calories.   There’s an interesting quote in there about McDonald’s success with healthier products and the President of McDonald’s UK saying that "It’s time to be proud, to say ‘We’re a good burger company."  Very interesting.   

Cool idea of the week: a service that helps to facilitate chipping in for a present called.. umm.. ChipIn!

A detox clinic for video game addicts.  Where were they when I was playing Tetris so often I would be dissapointed with anythign less than 500 lines?

Last but not least: forget online shopping – in-home parties are all the rage.  How wonderfully retro.  I’ll bring the collins mix!