Weekly Pop Culture Update

Here’s what I found interesting out there this week:

There’s something smelly about this story – hotels using signature scents.

Not sure what to say about this.

"Beanz Meanz Heinz" is the most memorable ad in Scotland.  Apparently they have really crappy commercials there.

Again, a little help to those of you living under a rock: an article about youtube.com

In-home parties are on the rise.  I just like the idea of a bunch of women sitting around playing with sex toys

Speaking of sex toys, why can’t they make some that are controlled by brain waves?

Back in college I did research that basically developed the hypothesis that the Internet would be beneficial to the music industry.  I guess they should have listened.

I really don’t know what is up with the sex toy theme in this post, but apparently that industry is trying to cash in on the World Cup.  And who knew that Germany had a "thriving sex shop industry"?  Must be all the sausage…

Martha Stewart’s version of MySpace allowing "women aged 25 to 45 to share photographs, scrapbooks, recipes and similar projects with one another." Her version of MySpace, my version of hell.

I suppose plain white t-shirts are better than the ones the girls are wearing that say "slut" on them.

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