This is a Muppet news flash!

Well, no it isn’t, but it is a little update of some of the more interesting things I read this week:

Target is embracing the "Tar-zhay" mockery of their name with some serious bling.

The American Dream is changing according to this article from the Boston Globe.  This is a trend I’ve been watching and following for years now.  Older adults mistake it for a desire for instant gratification, but its not that – its a desire to live a full life right from the start, not just at the end of it.

I’ve always found it surprising that there aren’t more "celebrity gamers" given the popularity of video games.  I remember watching a TV show on the USA Network that showed people playing video games way back in the old days of Frogger and Centipede and the like.  However, someone has taken a stab at putting together a list of the most influential gamers in gaming history.

I wasn’t going to blog about this, but it has literally shown up in so many places, I just had to since it keeps popping up.  Its about a new cereal box topper which helps to pour breakfast cereal.

I made a post earlier about the World Cup.  Don’t fret ladies – there’s something there for you… men taking off their pants!

When will adults learn?  You just can’t beat teenagers at their own game with technology!  They invent a tone that will drive teens nuts because they are the only ones who can hear it and now the teens are using it to take phone calls secretly.

If you need proof that some people take the comics a bit too seriously, here it is. (and just for the record, the headline "Spiderman outs himself to the press" scared me at first.  "Spiderman is gay!?!?" I thought, "but Mary-Jayne is hot!!")

Here’s an article about how cuteness has taken over Japan.  I’m glad that in the article someone pointed out that cuteness can border on the disturbing.  Hello Kitty scares the crap out of me. 

And last but certainly not least… if you need this, then you need professional help to get detached from your iPod: the iPod toilet paper dispenser.  I don’t make this stuff up people – I just find it and pass it along to you.