Let Me Tell You A Story…

I honestly believe that the ability to tell a story well is a great asset to you throughout all aspects of life.  It makes you more interesting to other people, makes it easier to meet others, comes in handy if you have kids and can even help you with your career, since the ability to express yourself clearly will always be valuable.

Today, Reveries had an article about storytelling that got me thinking about it and wanted to share some of the links that were given in the article:

National Storytelling Festival

The Storytelling Center of New York City

The Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild

They should do community outreach for people who are bad storytellers.  Oh you know who they are.  The people who ramble on and put in the wrong details and mix up name and locations and use too many pronouns.  Who give away the ending before the drama and tension is built up.  "Bad storytellers anonymous" – now that is a good idea.