My Favorite Comics

Finally! The answer to the burning question you’ve all been asking… "which comics are the Pop Culture Gangster’s favorite!??!  I must know!"

Well, at long last you can sleep well tonight my friends.  For lack of time to do a better post, let me share with you what I think are the best and funniest comic strips out there today:

Brewster Rockit – I only recently discovered this strip and it has quickly become a favorite. It is pun-filled and provides a fantastic parody of sci-fi and futureristic movies, TV shows and comic strips like Flash Gordon.

Pearls Before Swine – The king of the puns on the comic page.  Dark and spiteful that I think is kind of  reminiscient of Seinfield’s callous humor.

Get Fuzzy – I suppose most people would call this "Garfield gone bad" but its far better than that.

Zits – I’m not that far removed from being a teenager (or so I like to tell myself), but I think this strip does a great job of showing the world from the point of view of a teenager and a teen’s parents (official site is here, but they have limited strips to view)

I also want to say that I’m thrilled that Classic Bloom County comics are now available online.  Bloom County is my all-time favorite comic strip, bar none, and reliving these strips as I read them each day during or after lunch is great.

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  1. I didn’t realize it was a pay for view mag, but yeah. How irinoc. Actually kind of hits the point home. Everything I’ve ever done is on the net for free, and it’s there without a penny to me. Even today’s article and cartoon not a penny to show for it. If BF makes money from the mag, that’s somebody between you and me trying to get some commerce going. I wish them good luck. If you want me, I’ll be at the homeless shelter.

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