Inside Jokes

A few more random things from the Chicago trip that I wanted to share but couldn’t fit into the narratives of the earlier posts…  good luck finding any of this interesting – it just here for posterity:

  • Official quote of the weekend: "Wha happened?" from John when he wasn’t paying attention to what was going on during simple processes like ordering drinks and meals.
  • Erock hitting all the elevator buttons each time we went up and down in one at the hotel.  I think we only got to someone once so that when they got in they faced a panel full of lit buttons .
  • A drunken John not quite "getting" what the elevator button game was all about and pressing the buttons of the floors that we still hadn’t passed yet.
  • We noticed that you could get the audio tour guide of the John Hancock Tower in a variety of languages.  I wanted to ask them if they had it in any dead languages, preferably Latin.
  • An obvious pun made about the name "Hancock" and two body parts.  Figure it out.  Not original, but it still cracked us up because we knew it wasn’t.

That’s it, I swear.  Well, except for some other stuff I wanna write about that came out of the Chicago trip, but that’s all you’ll hear about our sick senses of humor for now.