March of the Depression

Just finished watching March of the Penguins.  Holy crap, what a depressing film.  I mean, it is fascinating and amazingly photographed and is truly a captivating film… but damn, you gotta feel for these poor penguins.

Back and forth… back and forth… tromp through the snow and ice to meet a female.  Then the egg comes and the female splits to go eat.  Then she comes back as the chicks are being hatched and they regurgitate some food into the new born penguin’s mouths.  There’s a welcome wagon for ‘ya: "break out of your shell so that you can see the vast wasteland of ice and snow that will be your home."  What about food?  "No sorry – you gotta eat this white phlegm-y stuff that your parents keep stored in their mouths.  Oh, and stay close, since, you know, its like 80 degrees below zero and the wind goes up to 100 miles an hour.  One last thing: once you get old enough, we dump you and then you get to do this 70 mile journey to get laid yourself"

Like I said – depressing.  The movie makes a good argument against the "intelligent" part of intelligent design and makes a good case for evolution: mainly that this is exactly WHY we evolve!!