Went to see Curt Schilling pitch at the Pawtucket Red Sox last night.  It was cool to be able to see a legend up close, but it was a dissapointing outing.  Granted, the PawSox didn’t exactly back him up with great hitting or fielding, but he got hit hard, which was sad to see.  Hopefully he’ll get back on track sooner or later.

On top of that, there were no fireworks last night – I was looking forward to seeing a good display on the fourth of July, but after a mishap the night before, the fireworks were cancelled.  That made it all doubly dissapointing.

One thought on “Ouch”

  1. Hey what is up?? I am soo jealous you went to that game! I love the red sox! Your blurbs are fucking great! I was laughing my ass off at the war of the worlds story! That same type of thing happened to me at providence when i went to see a movie! Only there was practically a fight between a 15yr old kid and some random 40 yr old guy! LOL All for tehsame shit!

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