Apostrophe Catastrophe

So I haven’t had much time lately for many posts.  I returned from a trip to Los Angeles and actually had almost an entire LONG post written up here, and then I accidentally closed the window, losing about an hour’s worth of work.  That resulted in two observations: 1) Is it THAT hard to put a little bit of programming on the web page that asks you if you’re sure you want to close it? TypePad may want to consider that.  and 2) I will never write a long post in the browser again.  That same post was re-started in a Word document and is saved on my computer waiting for me to finish it.  So be watching for that.

In the meantime, I have to vent about something.  Lately, I’ve been noticing a LOT of apostrophe usage errors, and it is driving me nuts!  The biggest error I have been seeing is a lot errors around using an apostrophe to indicate plurality.  You DO NOT use an apostrophe to indicate more than one of ANYTHING.  Never! Ever!  See this web page for further explanation: http://www.apostrophe.fsnet.co.uk/

Thank you… and remember to practice safe punctuation.

One thought on “Apostrophe Catastrophe”

  1. I think that the rule I was taught that pbreceirsd s after a name ending in s is still in wide usage. I discussed this with Annalisa just now, and she remembered discussions last summer about what to call Thomas’s room at Creative Summer. Most people wound up saying Thomas us room. We then thought to look at the English muffin package. The English muffin people follow Mary Jane’s usage: Thomas’.

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