Today’s Funny Quote

So all of us here in the office were trying to figure out a date that we could all go out together for drinks, since our plans for tonight are quickly falling apart.  The idea of doing it Monday after work was mentioned and Jen (who I have a feeling will get quoted here again at some point) says "But Monday might suck, since its the day after Easter and we’ll all be hung over and stuff."

Easter. Hung-over.  Not necessarily two words I put together, but hey, whatever works.  That’s funniest thing I’ve heard since John’s comment about the Libery Bell in Philly (See below).

One thought on “Today’s Funny Quote”

  1. 1) I don’t think you’re funny…
    2)Making fun of the girl you have HUGE crush on only worked in grade school.
    3) u smell

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