Philly Trip Done!

I wanted to share with everyone that my "Great lost weekend" with John and Eric in Philly is now officially "on"!  We got together last night and made plans and reservations.  We are simply staying at a Holiday Inn Express, since we’re not planning on spending a lot of time in the room.  Just need a place to pass out, basically! 

We also made reservations at Morimoto’s restaurant which is very exciting.  The plan is to fly down on Friday the 18th, do a few tourist-y things to get the lay of the land, and then have a more "sophisitcated" evening on Friday.  Go to Morimoto’s, and then find a cigar lounge, martini lounge, and/or jazz club and do a nice, fun, but upscale evening.

The next day, Saturday will probably consist of hitting the museum of art and doing the obligatory Rocky thing at the stop of the stairs, strolling through South street and the Italian farmer’s market.  Dinner and drinks Saturday night will be a considerably more informal affair, especially since Eric is planning on dying part of his beard red… just in case we weren’t enough of a bunch of freaks to begin with.

Sunday – well, I guess Sunday depends on how much into Sunday morning we stay up!  We have a late flight, so we should be able to do something fun.  I’m advocating going to Cereality, which just opened up in Philly.  It just looks like a ton of fun to try out.