Most Memorable Philly Moments

  • Lunch at Reading Terminal Market
  • The Salvador Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum
  • Dinner at Morimoto’s
  • My friend Mike eating 2 cheesesteaks, going for a third, then suggesting that we go to a bakery for cannolis while we’re still eating!
  • The chocolate banana penises in Termni Brothers bakery
  • All of South Street
  • John, Eric and I walking behind 4 hot and probably illegal girls (being checked out by me and Eric) and one hot (according to John) and probably illegal (not that stops him) boy (being checked out by John)
  • Free cornbread from Keith at A Smoked Joint
  • Eric making the bench vibrate with his farts and John contributing to the hole in the ozone layer with his toxic belches while eating "cheeze wits" at Pat’s Steaks at 2:30 a.m.
  • Breakfast at Pats, Lunch at Geno’s, five minutes apart
  • Getting Italian pastries at Termini Brothers and eating on the sidewalk
  • Chilling with some cigars and dirnks at Mahogany on Chestnut
  • Having to get our keys re-activated every fucking time we went to our room
  • Buying a lot of cool shit on South Street (great CDs, personally)
  • Drinking and listening to heavy metal at Mako’s bar
  • Eric reading "Guns and Ammo" while waiting for the plane

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  1. I LOVE THIS WHOLE BLOG REVOLUTION!!! It is hysterical,and so informative on who you are!!There is nothing in here that I can use as Blackmail-Damn!!! D-Rock you are the best!!!

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