Beef On Weck

I thought Buffalo's only major original culinary tradition was the Buffalo Wing, invented at the Anchor Bar, but this week I found another delicious delicacy: roast beef on kummelweck roll, commonly referred to as "beef on weck" (pronounced "wick").

You all know I love trying the local food, so when I found out about this, I had to try it.  It really is just your standard grade roast beef sandwich that will be made as good as the roast beef is, served with horseradish and au jus on the side.  But the roll is this incredibly and wonderfully salty combination of kosher salt and caraway seeds.  This isn't for those on a low-sodium diet or who don't like a lot of salt.  However, the seeds and salt add not only flavor, but great crunchy texture to the sandwich, kind of like how sticking potato chips or a piece of lettuce adds crisp to a sandwich, but much more savory.

So next time you find yourself in Buffalo (be smart and don't go in February like I did), get some buffalo wings and a beef on weck!