Web Sites to Make You Giggle Like A Little Schoolgirl

Here are a few web sites that I've recently come across that everyone should immediately go visit, right after you finishing reading all MY blog posts:

Second Rate Snacks – This appeals to my serious foodie side and my fun-loving making-fun of everyday things side.  The site is surprisingly thorough in their reviews and they are all well-written, but with fun, snarky comments peppered throughout.

Tripcart Road Trip Planner – I haven't done an actual road trip with it yet, but I tested it in the usual way I test any travel web site… see what it says about a local city that I know a lot about and it did a good job.

Garfield Minus Garfield – Take out the main character and you have a comic strip full of ennui and dispair that will make you laugh.  Almost assuredly more than the original strip.

Married to the Sea – For those with twisted senses of humor, here is a collection of old – some VERY old – clip art paired with hilarious new captions.  Great for those who enjoy My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable and Get Your War On.

Bacon Today – Last but not least, a web site for keeping up on all your bacon news!!!  Special bonus irony points: the entire site is covered in diet ads.