Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

I almost hesitate to share this with everyone, lest it gets overrun with people…  this weekend we went to the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center. What a great, relatively unknown oasis in the great little city of Providence! 

Open only about a year at this point, the Botanical Center is three massive greenhouses, two of which are open to the public and filled with a wide assortment of tropical flowers, plants and orchids, all arranged around beautiful fountains and ponds.  The other greenhouse is used for lectures and classes. 

A highlight is the carnivorous plant exhibit (brought to you by the New England Carnivorous Plant Society) which allows you to see all those cool plants that trap and digest insects (and rodents!).  If you find yourself with an hour to spare after checking out the Roger Williams Zoo, for $3, you can’t go wrong at the botanical center.

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