A Personal Moment to Brighten Your Day

I really do try to keep this blog focused on things related pop culture and things that affect our cultural tastes, but once in a while something happens that I just need to mention somewhere…  I hope this makes you smile, knowing that there is justice in this world.

This morning on the way into work, there was someone driving a Nissan 350Z who clearly thought he owned the road and was easily doing 90 – 100 MPH and weaving in and out of traffic.  Your typical jackass who thinks he’s king of the road because he drives a sports car. 

Less than a minute later, a State Police Car comes barreling down the highway, and my only hope was that he was chasing after Mr. Nissan Z.  As I came over the next hill, there he was, with the Nissan Z pulled over, lights flashing… 

To the State Trooper who pulled over the speeding driver on 495 in Massachusetts this morning – thank you.  You made me feel alright this morning.