Hppy Annversy Txting! I <3 U!

This month marks the 15th anniversary of text messaging.  I remember seeing a text message feature on my old Motorola Startac phone but I didn’t have text messaging feature on my phone, so I never used it and thought that it was kind of silly – with a cell phone, isn’t it just easier to call someone.  Now I send and receive several hundred texts a month.

And in a totally unrelated topic, slot machines are about 100 years old, and are getting a make-over.  I’m not a gambling type of guy though I appreciate the simple brilliance of slot machines.  You win and lose just enough to keep you pumping quarters in there.  Adding other elements makes them even more addictive, since everyone likes a little healthy competition.  They industry is smart for changing now so that they can appeal to all those current Halo and World of Warcraft players who will eventually be little blue-haired old men and ladies sitting at the casino all day.