Championship Tennis

In the last year I’ve been fortunate to get into tennis, learning to play and enjoy the game.  A little over a year ago I had never even touched a racquet or watched a whole match of tennis, never mind played one.  Now I’ve taken three rounds of lessons, love to play, and seen some of the legends play tennis….  Jim Courier, Pat Cash, Todd Martin, and Pete Sampras.  Living close to Newport, RI gives me the opportunity to not only visit the Tennis Hall of Fame, and for this weekend, see the  Outback Champions Series Tennis.

I was amazed that the place wasn’t 100% sold out – this is a chance to see legends of the sports play great, competitive tennis.  This isn’t an old-timer’s league where things are slow and easy – they play hard, fast and smart, with a lot of good, old-fashioned serve and volley, with smart play and fast rallies.

It is probably one of the best values in professional sports out there – thirty bucks to see great players playing great tennis. 

2 thoughts on “Championship Tennis”

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