There might be some people out there who think this is old news, but this morning I read about a game called "Cornhole."  As if that isn’t strange enough, there’s two organizations dedicated to furthering the cause of this game:

American Cornhole Association

American Cornhole Organization (I hate it when my cornhole isn’t organized!)

It is an unfortunate name for what seems like a perfectly simple game that is a lot of fun to play while drunk.  Unfortunately, the other meaning of "cornhole" is often done while drunk as well.  At least the first time.

A quick Google search reveals a number of links for the game, including Cornhole Outlet (nothing like a little discount cornholin’!), and a company’s attempt to make it sound less dirty by calling it a "Tailgate Toss."  Is that anything like tossing salad

Let’s hope not.

The sad thing is that I kind of want to play this game now and I want my own cornhole set, but they are expensive.  Further proof that if you want to play with a cornhole, sometimes you’re betting off doing it yourself.

2 thoughts on “CORNHOLIO!!!!”

  1. Flash game!
    TITLE: First Cornhole… Maybe Featherbowling Is Next?
    BLOG NAME: Pop Culture Gangster
    DATE: 08/26/2009 11:29:30 PM
    Back in 2007, I wrote about the game “Cornhole”which I had just heard about. Since then, it has become an ingrained part of our social life – thanks to my discovery, friends of ours created boards that have been used…

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