Nope, I don’t like the show that much that I have to blog about it.  I’ve seen it a few times and it is quite funny and if you want to be entertained in a very weird, trippy way, you should tune in.  However, the REAL reason I’m shouting for you to watch the show is to make the stupidity that happened in Boston this week worthwhile.

Now, I can’t say that posting electronic materials on bridges is the smartest marketing tactic, particularly in a world of terrorism, but at the same time – they were blinking Lite-Brite looking signs that had the character giving people the finger.  And they had been up for THREE WEEKS.  Last night on the news, a commentator gave an editorial chastising those who were criticizing officials for overreacting.  He said that anyone who found these items in their neighborhood would want the police there instantly. 

Unfortunately, no one called or did anything about them for three weeks.  Goes to show the attitude of Boston drivers – they see a blinking sign giving them the finger and they just shrug it off.  I bet more than a few laughed at or gave the finger back. 

The fact that they were up for three weeks and we never heard about it makes you wonder if the controversy came about only after the promotions company called in the report themselves.  Every news report in the city, on TV, radio, Internet and in print all mentioned the cartoon and the network it is shown on.  Talk about a big media hit!

Again, it is too bad that a major city’s resources were used up and I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who had their days seriously screwed up by the snarled traffic.  But you have to ask yourself why this didn’t happen in the other cities that they were in and why did it take three weeks for someone to get freaked out about it?  I say that the part of the publicity stunt that went awry wasn’t the placement, but the calling in of it.  They probably hoped to get a little attention for ONE of them, not ALL of them.


  1. not sure if this will change your opinion on this but my understanding was that there were two placements of the devices in Boston. The second placement resulted in calls to the police within a day or so.

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