Of Interest to Me…

…and hopefully to you.  Here is some stuff that has been intriguing me of late:

This isn’t exactly breaking news anymore, but to be filed under "some people can find something wrong with anything" here’s an article about Prince’s phallic suggestions at the Superbowl.  The idea of a guitarist using his guitar neck as a phallic symbol isn’t exactly a new one or a shocking one.  Chuck Berry did it.  What else could you expect from a guy who wore assless pants during an awards show?

On a personal note, I get really aggravated when I have to deal with "amateurs" when flying.  The occasional flyers who don’t know how to go through security or how to board or de-board a plane, for example. I once heard a guy ask "WHY!?!?" in response I to a TSA security guard’s request to take his shoes off.  When the guy with the gun asks you to take off your shoes in the airport, it isn’t time for a debate.  But out of everything, nothing annoys me more than the people who think they are flying in first class or haven’t flown since 1968 and think that it is totally cool to put their seats all the way back.  I will admit to doing some guerrilla retaliation tactics, including kicking the back of the seat or coughing like I have whooping cough on top of pneumonia.

Should English be the official language of America?  This town thought so and then changed its mind.  Discuss.

I peed in a urinal once and had it speak back to me.  I stopped drinking at that point and apologized to the bathroom attendant and stopped drinking.  However, now you might have the a urinal speak to you if you’re in the the state of New Mexico.  You know there’s gonna be more than a few freaked out ravers who stop doing the E after going to the bathroom and experiencing that.

Every new music format has resulted in back catalog music hitting the charts, and it predicted to happen again now that the U.K. Charts are tracking Internet downloads as well as single sales.  I can’t imagine that there’s that many people buying physical singles anymore anyway.  Watch for the Beatles to be #1 again once their music gets released digitally.

Here’s a new one: apparently there’s a chance for a day light savings "bug" because it will be starting three weeks earlier this year.  Software that is set to adjust itself automatically on a set date will not be able to do so and everything could be off by an hour this year.  I’m guessing that every traffic light in the country is probably on a non-daylight savings time change compliant system and everyone’s commute will be royally screwed for one hour for about a week.

Metropolitan Opera is broadcasting its Saturday afternoon shows to movie theaters around the country.  I saw this advertised a while ago and wanted to mention it then.  Looks like it has been a great success. 

A couple of brilliant ideas that I wish I had thought of: paper hangers for dry cleaners with advertising on them and are completely recyclable.  Umbrella vending machines in high-traffic areas.  If I knew that these were available at airports everywhere, I would love it.  And a high-end ice cream truck for adults.

Last but not least: 2007’s 12 most intruiging new things.  My favorite one is the glass skywalk over the Grand Canyon.  I loved the glass floor at the CN Tower in Toronto and think that this is awesome.    

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  1. First of all, the daylight savings change is going to be way bigger than Y2K when it comes to computer-driven systems getting screwed up. Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Win 2K, so there is no patch available for download to adjust this unless your corporation subscribes to extended support. The only fix is to manually adjust the registry on each PC. When you run 1800+ retail locations with 5-12 PC’s each this is a big deal. I won’t even get into the issues on Unix or AS/400…

    As far as recliners on airplanes go, blame the damn airlines for trying to squeeze in as many cattle as possible on the plane. If they left me enough elbow room to be able to read, then I might actually have something to do on the damn plane other than take a nap…

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