Colors, Fast Cars, Garbage Collectors and Ramen Noodles

A couple of quick notes to call your attention to:

First, an absolutely fascinating article on "The Color Association of the United States," a meeting of which is probably either best or worst place to wear clashing colors.  They talk about color trends and how they are picked out and how they influence what we buy.  Apparently we need to be on the look out for fluorescent colors to make a come back.  Awesome.  Can’t wait for ducktails to come back into fashion as well.

I never thought that Lamborghini was a struggling company, since you know, they sell cars for $100,000 a pop and all.  But according to this, they are just "turning the corner" towards success.  Who knew?!!?

While there are people trying to figure out how to market high end sports cars and which neon colors are going to be adorning our winter coats in two years from now, the official baseball cap of the New York Sanitation Department is a hot seller.  Maybe Lamborghini should try making a garbage truck?

Last, but certainly not least…  RIP Momofuku Ando – inventor of the Ramen instant noodle.  Many a poor college student owe him their sodium-soaked lives.  Note that he died of heart failure – one has to wonder if it was after eating a bowl of his own noodles.  On a side note: "Momofoku" is the coolest name EVER.